Why My Classes are "Only $5"

Today someone messaged the GenkiFIT page and asked me why my classes were "Only $5". They implied that because the classes were affordable that they were low quality.

Now, normally when I receive these messages (yes, I get them frequently) I respond privately and roll my eyes a little.

But I understand that in society people place the monetary value of something on a scale. If this gym membership is $40 a week you must be getting more value than the one for $20.

So I want to address it publicly, because there is a reason GenkiFIT classes are "Only $5". And it's not because of the quality.

11 years ago, David took his fitness business GenkiFIT out to Smythesdale.

Why? Because (at the time) he saw that there was a very distinct lack of opportunities to get fit and healthy outside of local sport.

He had a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Human Development. He was more than qualified to be running bootcamps and fitness programs, and could have charged like it.

So why "only $5?"

David was bringing something that, at the time, wasn't readily available in a regional town like Smythesdale. There wasn't a gym in Delacombe 11 years ago. Once he made the service available, he wanted to make it accessible by all the locals who wanted to utilise it. That meant making classes affordable, and for all ages and abilities.

He decided that $5, the cost of a large coffee, would make these classes accessible to all.

GenkiFIT has never been about making money for me.

GenkiFIT was a service that I felt the community still needed after all of these years, and 3 years ago when David decided to travel with his family, I took on the mantle of trainer. I have a group trainer certification and I'm qualified in several different forms of training e.g. STRONG Nation and Boxing.

Most trainers charge between $10-$15 per class with my qualifications, but still I make sure that all of the sessions are "only $5".

If I could run these classes for free, I would. Unfortunately while the sessions are great fun and something I do for the community, I still have to pay hall hire, insurance costs, travel costs & equipment costs.

I spend hours planning sessions, finding something new to put my clients through. Some years I was travelling 30 minutes each way when I lived in Ballarat North. But still, the classes are "Only $5".

The reason I continue to run the classes while also studying a Bachelor's degree, working full-time, and basically just trying to find the hours in a day, is because of the community that we've built.

The friendships, the support and the family that has been felt through this community by 500 different members over 11 years. The thousands of dollars that we've raised for local charities. The fun competitions and family nights. The fun runs and other events we partook in as a group.

And I will continue to do so, while people question the value of what I do, because of that community of people I love so much. Because I believe in fitness being accessible & affordable.

I hope that you can now see the value in something that you see as "Only $5".

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