What's in My Gym Bag

Being a fitness trainer not only means working out A LOT, it also means being organised. Whether I'm heading to a class or to the gym, I always carry the essentials with me.

Here's what's in my gym bag.

1. A change of clothes.

When I'm not training, I'm usually training clients, so my change of clothes is yet another set of exercise gear - but I'd recommend something light that's easy to throw on if you're heading out after a workout.

2. Toiletries.

After the seventh or eighth time forgetting to bring a hair tie to a session I started buying packets to have in the car and in my bag so that I would never be without. I also like to have dry shampoo and deodorant for particularly sweaty sessions. I always have a pack of face wipes in my bag so that I can ensure my face and hands are clean before I leave (I'm a bit of a germophobe) and a hairbrush is an essential item for me but you could probably go without!!

I have a towel to wipe down equipment as well as a face towel to use on myself because I feel it's more sanitary, but it's definitely an essential to bring at least one towel to class to wipe down the equipment you use!

3. Headphones and Charger

I can't workout without music - it's what keeps me motivated and helps me push through the harder reps. I always have headphones ready to go, but I have been caught out with my phone on low charge so I now take a charging cable and have a port in my car.

4. Fitness Tracker

I love being able to track my heart rate and exercise through my tracker. It's not for everyone but it helps me stay motivated throughout the week and keeps me on track with my goals. Mine is a simple FitBit that I've had for at least 3 years.

5. Water

The most important item in my pack is water - because of how active I am I need to have water on me at all times. I got this 2 litre bottle from Rebel Sport.

6. Gloves

I love to box and whenever I go to the gym I like to get in at least 10 minutes on the bag as my warm up or finisher (depending on how hard I want to die that day). I bring my own gloves and inners because once again, germophobe.

Other Ideas

This is what is in my actual gym bag, so I haven't added things that I don't use daily.

Some other essentials you might want to pack could be:

- Your own mat

- A snack bar or something to eat for after your workout

- Makeup or shower toiletries if you plan on going out after the gym

- A massage ball for after your workout

- A mini umbrella for the wet days

- Shower shoes

- Protein shake

What's in your gym bag? Let me know in the comments below or on the GenkiFit App!!

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