This 35 Minute HIIT Workout Will Kickstart Your Day!

Well, lockdown 3.0 happened.

In Victoria this past week we went into a 5 day "Circuit Breaker" lockdown in which we couldn't leave our homes or travel outside a 5km radius unless it was for one of four reasons.

Instead of cancelling classes I went ahead and planned 2 live Zoom classes to keep everyone moving while we were at home.

This workout is a HIIT session, perfect for starting your morning off right!

We begin with 30 second rounds of core, and then move onto Tabata training in the second half which is 20 second rounds.

Equipment needed: an awesome playlist, clear workout space, weights (optional) and a mat.

If you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced this workout has something for you! I provide modifications for most moves so that you can make it as challenging as you wish.

Let me know how you go with it in the comments!

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