My Favourite Activities to Keep Me Fit and Healthy

As we all know, exercising and getting fitter is a longtime commitment, but it doesn't have to be all hard work all the time. Fitness can be heaps of fun - even a day out for the family!

Everyone is different, and that means different activities, sports, gyms, class styles and schedules. When it comes to fitness, there is something for everyone.

Here are my absolute favourite activities that are super fun, but also a great way to keep fit!

Bush, Waterfall and Mountain Walks!

Any time I have a day off I'm looking for new walking tracks, waterfalls and mountains to climb. Depending on the track length and level of difficulty, you could take the whole family on an adventure!

My favourites so far:

Piccaninny View

If you have any awesome walks that you've been on let me know!


I found my love for this unconventional leg, core, ab, cardio workout when my niece asked me to take her to Supaworld in Geelong around 3 years ago.

One hour is enough for an insane workout that will leave your legs sore for days. It's awesome for your cardiovascular health plus it's fun for the whole family!

We have our own awesome trampoline centre in Ballarat in Xtreme Bounce - check it out if you haven't already!


Cardio is the most enjoyable form of exercise for me - I find it fast paced and fun!

One of the best forms of cardio is boxing. It's great for your reflexes, strength and balance and you get a good core workout too.


Dancing is another great cardio workout, and is also awesome for flexibility and balance - all of which are extremely important as you get older.

There are so many different styles of dancing to choose from - ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, rock and roll, ballroom, line dancing - just to name a few. If you haven't given a dance class a try, I highly recommend it! There are even some great YouTube channels out there if you want to learn some moves from the safety of your own home.


After I got my STRONG By Zumba certification in August 2019 it has become my favourite way to get fit. I learn the routines by going through the class from start to finish at home and it is just a fantastic sweat session!

STRONG classes are a great way to get fit and if you haven't been to a class, contact us to learn more.

Group Fitness Classes

I think some people are just naturally social, and that's me in a nutshell. I like being around people when I am doing exercise like circuit training or weights because other people can keep me motivated.

I still enjoy exercising at home because I love fitness, but it's just so much better when there are people there to support you.

What are your favourite ways to get fit? Let me know!

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