Learning Basic Nutrition - How This Will Help With Weight Loss

Are you thinking of losing weight but don't know where to start?

Do you keep reading Facebook or Instagram adverts that start with questions, just like the above?


Well, stop.

There is one, proven way to lose weight: that is consuming less calories than you burn in a day. You could technically eat donuts every day and never put on weight.

BUT, as you should (hopefully) know, there is a lot more to our health than just consuming and burning calories. A healthy, nutritious diet is incredibly important to our long-term longevity and health. So is exercise.

So rather than listening to self-proclaimed "fitness experts" on Instagram & Facebook trying to sell you a product, start your journey with a little self-learning.

I recommend starting with this course with Coursera. It's completely free, and gives you a basic outline of nutrition and health, while also explaining the terms those marketers use to sell you their programs.

"Why should I bother with this?"

Knowing more about nutrition, and how what we are putting into our bodies affects our health and weight, is so incredibly important. Having that knowledge for yourself will give you the skills needed to make the right choices at each turn when it comes to your diet.

Plus, the recommended completion time of the course is 5 hours. So take 30 minutes a day and dedicate them to learning the skills needed to make better, more healthy choices.

Good luck!

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