6 Fitness YouTube Channels You Should Be Following

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

If you love working out at home as much as I do, you'll know that YouTube is one of the best places to find new workouts and exercise ideas.

The best part is, if you have a smart TV or Chromecast, you can do those routines from the comfort of your living room!

I've compiled a list of some of the channels that I follow for ideas, inspiration, or my Sunday sweat sesh. Check them out below.

1. PopSugar Fitness

The PopSugar Fitness YouTube channel is awesome for workouts that you can do at home with minimal equipment. They bring in professionals in the industry to deliver a taster of their style of workout - so it's a great way to get a taste of different classes and see what you enjoy.

They have HIIT workouts, weighted, dance, tabata, hip hop and more! There's something for everyone. The workouts are all at different times too, so if you're feeling like a 7 minute session or a 60 minute session you'll find something to suit!

I use these workouts all the time at home and they give me ideas for different exercises to use in class too so it's a win-win!

Follow them here.

2. Redefining Strength

Looking for new exercises, or tips on how to perform exercises properly? Redefining Strength is the channel for you!

They do features on the science behind specific exercises or equipment, as well as follow-along workouts and videos that feature different variations of an exercise so you can change things up in your at-home or gym routine!

Find them here.

3. MadFit

MadFit with Maddy Lymburner is a great channel for fun, short workouts. She does a lot of "song" workouts where you'll be exercising along to the sounds of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and more.

She also does HIIT classes and 20 minute workouts so the channel is great if you're looking for something fun.

Check out her channel here.

4. Dale Sidebottom

Dale Sidebottom is an Australian fitness trainer who does videos on group exercise sessions including game ideas, kids' fitness as well as fun "song" workouts e.g. this I Get Knocked Down workout. He's got some fun content if you're looking for new ideas to put into your own workouts.

5. Athlean-X

If you're looking for tips on weightlifting and strength this is the channel for you. There are instructional videos on performing specific exercises correctly as well as some follow-along workouts and exercise ideas to add to your sets.

6. Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil

My absolute favourite channel of all time - a hip hop step class! There aren't any follow-along type sessions but if you watch them enough you start to pick it up! I love smashing some of these out.

Maybe it'll be my next class type :D let me know in the comments!

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